About the Restore Your Health Wand!

The Nano Energy looks like an ordinary pen, but contains a mixture of minerals intended to improve health. The wand works on individual cells of the body, specifically targeting the immune and nervous systems.

The Nano Energy wand helps unblock the energy channels within the cells and tissues, hence expediting the healing process and increasing overall health. It's used to balance the body's chi, speed the healing process, and raise up the immune system. To test and feel the energy put your hand palm up, and do circles on finger tips and palm as close to the skin as possible to feel the energy. The wand has the following benefits:
  • Discharges blockage in the body allowing the life force to flow freely
  • Removes distortion on the bio-energetic force
  • Increases the natural potency of vitamins and minerals found in food, by working on the nutrients within them
  • Corrects imbalances in the body
  • Helps relieve aches, pains and discomfort
To use on your pets, point the wand towards the affected area (for example an arthritic joint, etc.) rotate the wand in a clockwise motion 3 to 18 times. To see better results, point it as close as possible to the affected area. To unblock energy fields, press the wand in between your animal's toe pads.

Stir the wand into beverages. The company notes nanonizing beverages reduces the effects of acidity and toxins ins in the body, and assists with nutrient absorption. You are going to LOVE it! Get yours wholesale today!

Latest Testimonials!


Below are testimonials regarding people who constantly complained about pain. The pain may have been electronic harassment or arthritis. Those who used the healing wand have no more pain. Specifically, the wand works well on knee, back, hands, and leg problems. People were in pain always and the healing wand has stopped the pain. No joke! Prayer and the Healing Wand work! The pain has been reversed to healing/no pain. I can’t believe it, but it stopped the pain immediately. If you are in pain, electronic harassment or arthritis, type of pain, you owe it to yourself to try this healing wand. It is time to use nano energy for the betterment of the human race. Check it out.

This is the cheapest price on the market. Peace Miriam

I have had three herniated discs. I was on the verge of surgery multiple times but go to a chiropractor a couple of times a month as it's all I can afford. I took the want and clipped it to my shirt tag on the inside of my shirt. I left it there all day and did this multiple times for several days. My lower back pain is almost gone. The energy seems to go down the spine and now the pain I feel will eventually go away.
Also, I'm extremely allergic to mosquito bites. When bit, I would swell up sometimes to the size of a 50 cent piece. The swelling would take 2-3 weeks to go down. Many times I would wake up the next morning only to find I had scratched myself in my sleep to the point I bled. I got a bite on my right hand. The swelling started. I put the wand on the bite and left it there for about 5-8 minutes. The swelling went away to the point it was just a small red dot. I stopped and the small red dot is still there (ever so slightly). I feel if I had left it there for about 10 minutes there would have been no trace. The irritation left and I didn't have the normal allergic reaction.
Thanks a bunch!

On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 11:01 PM, charlene collins mailto:xxxxxxxx@hotmail.com>wrote:

Hi Miriam : Since using the wand I no longer have the neck and arm pain I have lived
with for many years from a motor vehicle accident. I have regained over 90%
of the mobility in my neck and I just love it now living without the constant pain.
I no longer use it on a daily basis because literally I no longer have any pain.
It is the greatest thing I ever came across. I was very fortunate to have been
informed via email about this amazing wand-never want to be without it-never.

thanks so much

On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 11:39 PM, mailto:xxxxxx@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Miriam,

I sent a wand to my mother in Belgium and here is the email I got from her yesterday:

"En effet, j'avais mal à la nuque (je lis un bouquin qui est assez lourd en ce moment et de ce fait je le tiens sur les genoux ce qui rend la nuque douloureuse .
J'ai pris le Wand, l'ai tenu à 3 cm du noud de la douleur et j'ai tourné dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre pendant 6 minutes : la douleur avait disparu !
Wa paasde doevan, hein menneke !?!!" Emma in Brussels

"Indeed I had pain in my neck (I am reading a heavy book right now and hold it on my lap when reading what creates aching in my neck).
I took the wand, held it about 1 inch from the center of the painful area and rotated it clockwise for about 6 min: the pain had disappeared!
What do you think about that, little buddy !?!!"

Feel free to publish it :)

Have a great day!


On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 6:49 AM, xxxxxc@aol.com> wrote:

Hi Miriam, my pleasure to be of help. I hope I can be explicit with my English
When I received the wand that I was expecting with faith and excitement I used on my husband and myself, with pleasure because we were having pain in our legs, and back, the experience was very satisfactory because we felt a tingling sensation that lifted our pain. We have so much faith in it that we talk to our neighbours about it, and show them how it works and how much relaxation we found in it.
They also were very happy to know that something could help them without taking pills that can harm you in other ways that can be dangerous to your organism
And that is my statement!!

These Steps are Very Important to Have 

Success with Your Energy Wand.
Whatever your pain or discomfort is you must pay attention as we have tested the wand many ways and on many people. Not everyone reacts the same.
The Wand IS NOT a miracle tool. It is an energy tool. It is to be used as an ongoing process. It is to be used carefully and responsibly. Some see complete relief in just minutes too!
Remember that the pain or discomfort you have had for a year or more may not go away in just a few minutes of wanding. It may be an ongoing process. Don’t expect an overnight miraculous event. Your body has become used to the pain for a period of time and it may feel relief for a while and the pain may possibly come back the next day or maybe it won’t. It may take time to get 100% relief which there is no guarantee of. Even 70 - 80% is a great relief and improvement. If you have 2 or 3 days without pain then you have success. Simply repeat the process as you need it.

Getting Started with Your Energy Wand:
Wand your finger tips on each hand for at least 2 minutes. Rotate in a clockwise motion.
Why the finger tips? Number 1, it will clear any blockages plus, Number 2, it is possible to delay painful arthritic conditions in the hands. This will also create an energy flow and will alert your body that the zero point energy is entering in.

This is also Important:
Do NOT take a short cut. Do the 2 minutes of wanding and nothing less.
Next, take your socks and shoes off and wand your toes the same way you wanded your fingertips. The toes and feet each control certain parts of the internal organs. This will allow blockage and increase blood flow up through your feet and into your legs which may prevent arteries from clogging which can lead to strokes. This not to imply that wand prevents strokes. There are no guarantees in our life. This is merely a preventive measure on your part. Exercise is also good for the lower legs if possible.
Next: Go to the top of the head. There is a meridian point there. Wand the area on top of the head for at least one minute then go to the top of the eye brow then to the temple then underneath the eye (below the socket) down to the area between your nose and top lip then to your chin. These are all meridian points will allow the energy to start flowing throughout your body and make the process more open to the energy flow.
Certain Conditions:

Stress Pain in The Neck and Shoulders:
Take the wand and wand the toes and finger tips first.
Then get behind the person and start wanding slowly all across the shoulders from left to right in a clockwise motion. Don’t over do it… Wand for about 5 to 7 minutes then the person should start to feel some relief and get a relaxing feeling.

Trigger Finger: Using the Energy Wand

Start at the toes and then fingers. Wand each foot (ball of the foot) for about 1 –2 minutes each. Then go to the finger tips and repeat the process. You may feeling tingling, warmness or even a coldness. Each person feels something different.
Whatever hand you have the trigger finger on try wanding the top of the shoulder then work down to the inside elbow down to the top of the hand between the index finger and thumb. Hold the wand pressed against the area for about 30 seconds. Next look at the palm of your hand and wand the top of the palm of your hand just below your middle finger.
The pain should subside some. Repeat the process every 4 to 5 hours but never wand for more than 5 to 7 minutes as wanding too much will not speed up the process.

Knee Pain:
The majority of knee pain originates from the sciatic nerve. Wand the sciatic nerve (clockwise for about 2 minutes)… The wand the side of the hip for another 2 minutes then work around the hip to the top of the leg which is the quadracep that attached the leg to the hip area. Wand the quad area for at least 5 minutes then start your way down to the knee area and wand the knee all around as sometimes the pain wants to move from place to place until it finally gives up. Sometimes the pain will intensify before it gets better. Don’t worry.. It happens. It’s the body’s way of trying to get rid of what doesn’t belong.

Back Pain: Using The Energy Wand
Again, start at the toes, then finger tips allowing the release of blockages. Then go to the meridian point at the top of the head and repeat the previous meridian point steps above.
You shouldn’t need to wand the back for more than 8 to 10 minutes. Repeat the process as needed. It is possible that your condition or chronic pain would call for using the wand the rest of your life but it’s better than living with the pain. Always drink water before and after every wanding if possible for maximum results!

Foot Pain: Usage of The Energy Wand
Most foot pain is usually caused from referred pain meaning that the pain in your foot is coming from another source of your body. The mostly likely culprit is the sciatic never which runs along the bottom of your tail bone which is actually just below the beginning of your rear end (your gluteous, your butt). Take your hand and put pressure on that area and you should feel some soreness or discomfort. Now that you know take the wand and start to wand that area for a few minutes and then head down the leg where your hamstring is and then down the calf muscle area to your foot. Wand the foot for at least 2 to 3 minutes or as needed. Don’t over do it!

Sore Throat Pain:
Of course some people suffer with sore throats. There are also meridian points in the throat area. The meridian points are vertical. When attempting to wand the throat wand on both sides of the windpipe area going from top to bottom. Depending on the type of sore throat the process and length of time wanding can vary. Always drink water before and after every wanding if possible! Wand the water first!

Eye Strain: Too Much Computer or TV!
Sit quietly and wand each eye for at least 15 to 20 minutes. I personally wanded my eyes while watching a 1 hour long TV program and when the program was over I went back to the computer and I realized after a couple of minutes that I was reading the text without my glasses and the colors on the monitor seems much richer and brighter.

Daily Routine With The Wand: Water is Our Friend!
First thing in the morning... Our friend is called “WATER” Take an 8 or 12 ounce glass of water and stir the water with your wand for about 30 seconds. By doing this you are creating ionized water which increase PH levels and the water becomes wetter (if that makes sense to you). If you have a job be sure to take your wand with you to work and drink at least 2 to 3 glasses of water throughout the day which should energize your body and it should keep you more alert. Most drinks including water are acidic and we all know what an acidic body is. It’s a breeding ground for unwanted radicals and bad cells.

Your Pets:
Your pets can benefit from the zero point energy too. Usually if you wand all along the top of your pet’s back and then to the area in question and you should see some relief in your pet. How long the pain relief will last can vary from pet to pet depending on the condition. If your love your pet and it takes wanding them everyday to get them comfortable then it’s worth it. We all love out pets and hate to see them suffer.

Your House Plants:
Water your house plants with wanded water. Take a pitcher of water and wand it for 30 seconds and water your plants everyday or as often as your routine allows. You will start to notice a richer green on your plants and richer colors on the pedals of your flowers.
Is it Possible to Feel Sick or Nausea after Being Wanded?
Always drink water before and after if possible every wanding
Yes, it is possible to feel sick. When you are wanded and your body is already acidic from the certain drinks you drink and the foods you eat wanding can release all of those toxins into your bloodstream. It is VERY important that you drink at least 2 glasses or more of water after being wanded in order to flush the toxins out.


Your energy wand is not a cure for any disease and is not meant to treat any disease or illness. If you are on any medications do not stop taking them. Always consult your physician on any medical conditions or questions. Do not use the wand on anyone that is pregnant or someone who wears a pacemaker. 

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  1. Miriam, I just want to say my wife and I can testify that your healing wands do work well!
    My wife's knee cap had went to the side 2 times in her life, and the 2nd time she needing an ambulance to get to the hospital and have them put it in place. We used your healing wand and in minutes she was standing on one leg(the bad one) and saying look at me! My story is having a numb hand for 7 years, and after wanding it I received feeling back in that portion of my left hand. We are very satisfied with our personal results.
    Don & Kim